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How to make money

The main way most ATM businesses make their money is from their product: the ATM. They may split the ATM surcharge with the property owner, they may lease the machine for a flat fee, or they may do a lease-to-own deal where the property owner would become the owner over time.

In addition to renting, selling, or leasing the machines, an ATM business can also charge for services to the machines or to other people’s machines. If you already fill receipt paper and perform maintenance to your machine, you could also get the person nearby who has an ATM machine to pay you to help them out with theirs. If you’re leasing to own the machine or if you’ve sold a machine, you could also have the owners and potential owners paying you to service their machine as their learning to do it on their own. You could add an additional stream of revenue to your ATM business with services like:

  • Inspections

  • Routine maintenance

  • Restocking

  • Fixing jams

  • Or, consulting…

 In addition to products and services, you could also get paid from affiliate partnerships. Let’s say, for example, you’ve placed your ATM at a local hotel. You could print coupons on your receipts and get commissions for referring people to relevant products and services the consumers would enjoy.

Some ATM businesses charge for ad space on their receipts if they have enough traffic and relevance that they can prove that conversions would be likely. Alternatively, with affiliate marketing, you could promote products and services, and when consumers use your referral code or link, you’d get a commission for the lead or sale.

Flexible Payment Planning
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