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Meneses ATM LLC has the right ATM hotel placement solution for you, no matter the size of your establishment.

Many owners and operators do not realize the direct benefits of placing an ATM machine in their lobby or gift shop. 

  • Out-of-town guests

    • They May not have a local bank or they may not know where the closest ATM is located.

      • Why not provide the instant convenience of ATM cash machine access for all of your guests?

        • Even your employees may use an ATM machine to purchase on-site hotel, resort, and inn necessities and concessions.

  • Statistics say that often 25% of cash withdrawn from an Automated Teller Machine is spent on the premises.

    • This number can vastly increase in your hotel, resort or inn, especially if you offer other guest services such as dining, bars and nightlife, pools, gift shops, concierge, laundry rooms, vending machines, a spa or room service.

  • We offer the latest, high-quality ATM machine models that will fit your hotel, resort or inn’s size and needs.

At your hotel or resort, you provide the space, electricity, and access to a phone line or internet router for the ATM machine.

  • Meneses ATM LLC provides the ATM installation, operation, maintenance, and cash loading.

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