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Frequently asked questions

In the Classroom

What are the main reasons I could benefit from borrowing an ATM from you?

  1. Allows your customers access to their available cash from their debit, bank and credit cards.

  2. Keeps your customers in-house so they don't leave your location to get cash from a different ATM nearby.

  3. Increases retail sales by up to 50% of the amount withdrawn from your ATM.

  4. Reduces or eliminates the need to accept checks.

  5. Reduces credit card usage and credit card fees and expenses.

  6. Generates store traffic from walk by traffic.

  7. Increases your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Are there any monthly charges or hidden monthly fees for my new ATM?

  • No hidden fees, no monthly fees, no per transaction charges for transaction processing.

  • The only long term fees you will have will be for the dedicated phone line and electricity.

  • When it comes to keeping your ATM stocked with cash and receipt paper, we provide this for free for life.

    • As long as you process your transactions with us, we will supply free receipt paper for life.

What's included with each ATM lease?

  1. Free Shipping & Installation

  2. Free ATM Lighted Neon Sign

  3. Free ATM Lighted Topper

  4. Free Receipt Paper For Life

  5. Free Processing - No Fees

My company accepts credit cards - Is it still worthwhile to place an ATM Machine?

  • Absolutely! This will not only put available cash in the hands of your customers, but it will also help save you money on your credit card processing fees.

Can I acquire a temporary ATM Machine placement for a limited time event?

On a Free ATM Placement, who is responsible to fill the ATM with cash?

  • Meneses ATM LLC is totally responsible to keep the ATM machine filled with cash at all times. With a free ATM placement, we handle everything.

Who is responsible for machine repairs and regular maintenance?

  • With a free ATM placement, we are 100% responsible for all repairs and maintenance. 

What are the requirements to qualify for free ATM machine placement?

  • Traffic volume, location, and background check will determine eligibility.

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