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Mobile atms for events

Puple Mist

Meneses ATM LLC offers ATMs for both indoor and outdoor events of any size. 

  • Can be secured anywhere on your property.

  • Provides instant cash to customers.

  • Keeps customers from leaving the event.

  • Increases retail sales up to 50%.

  • Reduces credit card usage, fees, and expenses.

  • Increases customer satisfaction.

  • Makes it convenient for your merchants, information booths, and exhibiting vendors to direct customers to the nearest deployed ATM.


With Meneses ATM LLC, you’ll receive ATM equipment, cash, and on/off-site monitoring to ensure everything is working properly. Our available onsite technicians are able to check your portable ATM machine at all times. All of our mobile ATMs have wireless connectivity.















Mobile ATMs are ideal For:​

  • State or county fairs

  • Festivals

  • Special occasions and holidays

  • Concerts

  • Food and wine

  • Sports events

  • Trade shows

  • Rallies

  • Conventions

  • Conferences

  • Parades, celebrations, and galas


Profit sharing is available to events that qualify as per our terms and is based on the transaction fees and minimums.


If you are an event coordinator, Director, or Chair of an organization contact us!

Fancy Night Event
Family at Outdoor Event
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